More History of the Building

Recently the local Detroit history blog, Corktown History, did a piece on the building that is now our bookstore, Indeed Paul Szewczyk, the local historian that authored the article, even went into the history of the land on which the building was eventually erected upon. All the way back the original ribbon farm that the land was part of in the early settlement of Detroit through the construction of the factory at what would have been 4th Street and Lafayette, to when it was moved to make way for the Lodge Expressway (M-10) that the bookstore now sits beside. He was able to find out the names of the companies that operated in the building, first as a garment factory, soon replaced with a hat making operation and finally an industrial glove manufacturer that it remained as until Advance Glove filed bankruptcy in 1981. There are many interesting photographs to go along with the information presented and details on the whole piece of land around the bookstore, including how there was once a sanatorium in the neighborhood. Thank you to Paul Szewczyk for this research and to check out this and other work he's done on local Detroit history on his website.